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Wallmount Rack 8U 450mm – Indorack WIR4508S

Rp 2.450.000

WIR4508S – Wallmount Rack 8U Depth 450mm Single Door

19″ Wallmount Rack 8U depth 450mm + Glass door, side panels with lock.

Product Description

Type  WallMount
Product Name  WIR4508S
Height  8U
Width  600mm
Depth  450mm
Weight  31 Kg


WallMount Rack Complete Set with:

  • 1 Unit single Fan 220V
  • 1Unit Horizontal Powerset 6 outlet with switch
  • Glass front door, 2side door (with Lock)
  • 4pcs Dynabolt, 20pcs Cagenut

note : 1U = 44.45mm



Additional Information

Weight 29000 kg


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